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Introducing our Coastal Frozen Bait Vendor. Now dealers can offer their customers frozen bait 24/7, enabling them to increase sales and profits.   Customers won’t have to go elsewhere when your store is closed.  The Coastal Frozen Vendor is by far the most energy efficient frozen vending machine on the market costing on average about $104.00 a year to operate.  The Coastal’s unique robotic arm can lift up to four pounds of a wide range of packaging.  Its unique design also has an entertainment value as customers watch the machine grab the product from the freezer inside the machine.  The freezer maintains a constant -10F to -20F temperature.  This machine takes the spoilage aspect out of bait vending.  Also with the digital temp control option you can change the machine over to a chilled machines if needed. This would work well for the Northeast Coast when Stripers are running and when bloodworms, sand-worms & eels are strong sellers. With the Coastal you only need to replace the product when you are sold out.  You can offer up to 12 different product selections and will hold up to 400 items.  Another feature of this fine vendor is a credit card reader, which can be added as an option.  Also the Coastal has a nice simple menu driven interface, using a bright on-board LCD display which shows all machine information on a single screen.  As with all our 24 hour bait shops we offer free 24/7 tech support for the life of the machine.  We offer attractive financing sources.  Along with our other vendors, we are proud to say the machine is built in the USA.  We look forward to having the opportunity to speak to you  about this great addition to our 24 hour bait shop line.  Please give us a call today.

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