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For many reasons there are some of our customers who need to sell their bait vendors. It could be retirement, health issues in the family or just the area where the machine is does’t have enough traffic to support their machine. Even some may find out this isn’t the business they want to be in. Whatever the reason keeping to our belief that our customers always come first it’s only right to assist them if they need to sell their machines. This is a great way to get a LBV supported vendor and avoid the cost of a new one. Plus we are helping out our customers. Sure, we may loose a few sales on new machines but sometime helping out our customers & good people is more important.

Listed 05/10/19   2 almost new Sportsman available in Harvey, ND 58341. Purchased in June of 2018, these 2 vendors are in near perfect condition. If interested in one or both please call Lara at: 701-693-6695. Laura is asking $5,000.00 for each unit, this price is negotiable. With having to take care of her ill mother and having a large winter kill in the river that supports her machines she’s not able to continue running her business. This is a great opportunity to get into a Sportsman close to new, at a big discount. We may be able to assist with shipping. We will support these machines as we do all of our machines. Pictures will be coming soon.

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