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This page is a place to post our customers, friends & families fishing and sporting pictures.




Ryder’s Big Bass 2013 at Kurtz’s Pay to Fish

Gary’s Big King 2013 Lake Ontario

Nicks Big King 2013 Lake Ontario

Jeannies Big King 2013 Lake Ontario


Nick & Jeannie

Nick & Jeannie


Jeannie's Big Laker

Jeannie’s Big Laker

Drew, Gary, Jeannie & Nick

Drew, Gary, Jeannie & Nick

Nick & Jeannie

Nick & Jeannie

Gary's Big King

Gary’s Big King

Gary's Big King

Gary’s Big King

Nick's Big Pike

Nick’s Big Pike

Tim's channel cat

Tim’s channel cat

Gary's channel cat

Gary’s channel cat

Gary's Bass

Gary’s Bass

Ed's nice Laker

Ed’s nice Laker

Rich's nice channel cat


Gary Canada 2012 “Nice stringer”

Nick Canada 2012

Mandy fishing with Dad

Dicks Big Trout

2012 Gary’s nice smallmouth

Gary Canada 2012 Nice Walleye

Will’s Striper

Drew Fox's nice laker

Drew Fox’s nice laker

2015 Rich Cosgriff Jr's nice channel cat

2015 Rich Cosgriff Jr’s nice channel cat

Kevin Miller's nice Marsh Creek Bass

Kevin Miller’s nice Marsh Creek Bass

2015 Gary's Big King Salmon

2015 Gary’s Big King Salmon

Gary's stringer of Walleye 2014

Gary’s stringer of Walleye 2014

Rich Jr brown trout

Rich Cosgriff Jr 18.5″ Brown Trout April 22, 2016 Pine Creek, Slate Run, PA

Ed's nice catch

Ed’s nice catch

Rich's nice small mouth

Rich’s nice small mouth