ADA Sportsman Evoke

We are happy to announce that our ADA Sportsman Evoke is finally going back into production. It has been a very tenuous year to say the least. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about supply chain issues, I know we are for sure. Things are finally getting back close to normal. We now have new Sportsman in stock at our facility here in PA ready to ship. This was our first build of 2022. If you were looking to order a Sportsman this year now’s the time while they are in stock. Give us a call!!

Our ADA Sportsman is now The ADA Sportsman Evoke. Along with the Sportsman ADA compliant we added some nice new features like a new high security lock cover and a new 1/2-inch-thick high security lexan outer window, now with a new trim package around the window. We also added bigger and brighter display. Also added is a new keypad and a easier to use control board. With these great new features added to all the great features that are already in our Sportsman we have made the best bait & tackle machine on the market today just a little bit better. The Sportsman has the highest energy efficiency in the industry using only 5.7 Kwh/day. A new rigid delivery box accommodates taller products and includes a removable bottom for easy cleaning. The Sportsman premium vendors high security outdoor package with impact resistant polycarbonate window cover, rain guards; interlocking door-in-cabinet design and anti-pry covers provide superior protection from the elements, vandals and thieves. We also have included in the price, which are options on our other vendors these being a factory installed Alarm System. Another is a factory installed credit card reader, which our customers are telling us that credit card sales are about 50 % of their total sales.  For our northern tier states, we have added a factory installed heater kit. All at the base price. We have the Sportsman in stock and ready for shipping.

The Sportsman has adjustable bait & tackle selections, configurable to almost any package size with no need for tools. L.E.D lighting and heated glass both standard with every machine. The refrigeration system can easily be removed being a self-contained unit.

Built in the USA keeping America working!

Please call for price call 610-286-92590 or 484-364-6044

We offer free 24/7 tech support for the life of the vendor.

Simple yet full featured interfaces

Programmable Large bright LCD display
Standard peripheral opening for additional payment or POS systems
Back lighted keypad with Braille identification
MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit and credit systems
DEX data output support
Full featured controller with sales and accounting:
* Price setting by selection, row or machine
* Free vend and Combo vend modes
* Flexible space to selection setting
* Time of day discounting
* Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and secured vend times
* Programmable point of sale messages
* Programmable coupon and token values
* Talker device support for sight impaired
* Coin and bill rejection rate counts

Performance Proven Operating Environment
•High: 100°F (38°C) @ 90% RH


Highest energy efficiency in the industry using only 5.7 Kwh/day

Uses only 5.7 Kwh/day @ 75°F (24°C), 45% RH
Low-E Glass
LED lighting
Insulation of critical live bait areas without need for entire cabinet refrigeration
Simply put if you want the best in a Live Bait & Tackle Vendor then the Sportsman is the machine for you. Please give us a call and one of our Sales Reps will be more than happy to answer your questions.
We can assist in providing finance options for The Sportsman, call today! Start giving the fisherman the products they want when they need it.

Credit App Short Form Wittern Sportsman < PDF

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Trio Capital app < For new or startup businesses

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