Our new discussion forum Aug/01/2010

We are happy to announce our new discussion forum. We hope this can be a great place for operators to exchange info and idea. Also it can be a place for the general public to get info and chat with operators. Please keep in mind we are just starting with and are still figuruging things out with the page. It will get better. Sign up and have fun.

You must Register to post articles to this forum.
Registration is easy, and is in place to help discourage spamming the forum. All new users must be approved by the forum Admin. Sometimes this means there might be a delay in getting approved (for example when I’m away). But please be patient. And please don’t be put off by this policy. It’s in place to keep these forums useful and spam-free.
Some forum gimmicks have been disabled to discourage spammers and mining of email addresses, and also to help preserve members’ privacy.

If you register and don’t get approved it means that I thought you were not a legitimate forum user. If I am wrong and you are in fact a legitimate forum user, then please accept my apologies! Filtering for spammers is not a perfect science!

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