For owners of our pre ADA Sportsman who would like the added security of the vending lock cover that the ADA version has. We have two kit available for purchase from the manufacturer. One part number has the lock with the cover and the other does not. The lock is a hockey puck style lock which is the best to have being there is no hasp that can be cut off. Here are the part numbers:

1216062.245 – Handle Cover Kit W/Lock

1216062.246 – Handle Cover Kit W/O Lock

To order the kit call Vendnet at 888-259-9965 ask for parts

This kit will make your Sportsman much more secure. As stated in your quick start guide, the regular vending lock on the machine is called a shipping and should be upgraded to a high security lock. If you purchase the Handle cover Kit with lock you shouldn’t have to upgrade the vending lock.

Handle Cover Assy Lock Handle Cover locked -Sportsman Handle Cover no lock - Sportsman


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