Dear Customers & Potential Customers,

I’m writing this post to let everyone know the current situation we are in.  We are having difficulty in getting our two fresh water machines, the ADA Sportsman Evoke and the Outdoorsmen built as quickly as we have in the past, due to a shortage of microprocessors and severe supply chain issues. For the last six months we are only able to get several built at a time. This is having a big impact on availability at this time. Also our ADA Angler is currently unavailable due to container costs that have gone through the roof. We would love to get more of these is but the cost for  shipping a container went from $2,800 up to over $15,000. It’s just not feasible to get any in at this time.

We are doing our best trying to get through these very crazy times. We haven’t see things like this in all our 25 years in business. We appreciate everyone’s business and patients. Hopefully this all gets straightened out very soon.

Thank you,

Gary Harsel

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