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Business lending done right.

This is our mantra, and we take it very seriously. This means our focus is simply to help you   succeed. We offer fair and transparent lending options with financing terms that are clear and with no hidden traps.



Cutting-edge technology platforms that enable an easy and convenient financing process.


Complete transparency with clear documentation and full disclosure on all terms.

Customer First

Customer first. We prioritize the success of our customers and we count partnerships, not transactions.


Speed on decisions and payment. We understand your time is valuable.


We are adaptable and make it easy for your customer to say “yes” to financing.


Convenient, simple process with fast turnaround on decisions.          Financing is one click or phone call away.


We are powered by a $12 billion bank and have a management team in place with over 100 years of combined experience in business lending. While we are a new entrant in this industry, we have a “clean slate” and have created a better financing experience intended to serve today’s tech-savvy business customer.

Commitment to excellence

We count partnerships, not transactions. We hold ourselves accountable and listen intently to understand your business needs. We’re committed to give 100% effort to every task and strive for excellence and superior quality in everything we do.

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Devon Passman

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