Fastcorp & PA Live Bait Vending issue new press release

Fastcorp & PA Live Bait Vending Offer the “Coastal” Frozen Bait Machine

PA Live Bait Vending Forms Exclusive Partnership to Leverage Fastcorp Evolution Technology

Danbury, CT (January 7, 2011) – Fastcorp LLC has entered an exclusive partnership with PA Live Bait Vending to sell and distribute its line of “Coastal – 24 Hour Bait Shop” frozen vendors.  PA Live Bait Vending is the leading supplier of refrigerated bait vending machines across the US and abroad.  According to Gary Harsel, owner of PA Live Bait Vending, “the Coastal is a perfect compliment to the refrigerated bait vendor product line. The Coastal provides a convenient solution for saltwater fishing since the type of bait used requires a stable frozen environment. The Coastal was designed to appeal to stores like sporting goods shops, marinas, C-stores, gas stations and anywhere frozen bait can be sold.  Stores carrying bait can maximize sales even when closed by taking advantage of outdoor placements and 24-hr accessibility.”

“Everyone at Fastcorp is excited about the partnership”, says Al Roque, Fastcorp Director of Marketing.  “Gary understands the sport fishing segment and has years of experience on both the equipment side and the sport fishing side.  He is committed to growing the business channel and provides a number of unique, very personalized turn-key services not found anywhere else.  This expertise and individualized attention translates into a wonderful customer experience and loyal customer base. Again, this is just another example of how a specific need, visionary thinking, and Fastcorp’s ultra-versatile robotic vending technology can come together to offer creative solutions to a marketplace.”

“In the end, there is no mystery as to why Gary chose our technology for his frozen offering,” states Mr. Roque. “The Evolution model vendors have proven to be simple to operate, reliable, and up to 7 times more energy efficient than comparable vendors saving hundreds per year in energy bills.”  According to Mr Roque, “this track record of performance and versatility has caught the attention of a number of companies within and outside the vending industry, looking to apply Fastcorp’s unique technology to specific applications.  The Coastal bait vendor launch helps round off the single-brew coffee vendor offering slated to roll out early 2011 as one of the many ways Fastcorp is diversifying outside of frozen food and ice cream vending.”

For more information on the Coastal, go to or contact Gary Harsal 888-534-3985.  For more information on Fastcorp & equipment, go to or call Jason Ramage (888) 441-3278 (select “sales”).

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