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New for 2011: The “COASTAL” Frozen 24 Hour Bait Shop

We are very happy to announce as of January 1, 2011 PA Live Bait Vending has become the exclusive worldwide Distributor for FastCorp’s ” Coastal “24 Hour Frozen Bait Shop. We apologize to our many clients who have been patiently waiting for this machine to become available.  This is the vendor that everyone servicing the saltwater market has been asking for.  It has taken a little bit longer than we anticipated but we wanted this machine to be exactly what our customers requested.

Fastcorp & PA Live Bait Vending press release

The Coastal

09/22/2010-Filming for the History Channel’s Modern Marvels

What a cute boy!

We are excited to announce filming was completed on Wed, Sept 22, 2010 for a segment for the History Channel’s Modern Marvels.  Still shots provided by Kelly Miller Photography.

To view all still shots please go to this link:

Video location production by Chris Berger of The Christopher Group International.

Please check back to to get the date when the segment will air.

History Channel’s Modern Marvels

Our new discussion forum Aug/01/2010

We are happy to announce our new discussion forum. We hope this can be a great place for operators to exchange info and idea. Also it can be a place for the general public to get info and chat with operators. Please keep in mind we are just starting with and are still figuruging things out with the page. It will get better. Sign up and have fun.

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June 18th 2010


Great news for Southern Pennsylvania! Kurtz’s Fish Hatchery in Elverson Pa will be opening Pay to Fish at their hatchery. This will start on the weekend of June 25th, 26th & the 27th. No fishing license required. Take your kids fishing and have them catch fish.  For more info call: 610-286-9250

Kurtz’s pay to Fish click here for more info