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Fastcorp & PA Live Bait Vending issue new press release

Fastcorp & PA Live Bait Vending Offer the “Coastal” Frozen Bait Machine

PA Live Bait Vending Forms Exclusive Partnership to Leverage Fastcorp Evolution Technology

Danbury, CT (January 7, 2011) – Fastcorp LLC has entered an exclusive partnership with PA Live Bait Vending to sell and distribute its line of “Coastal – 24 Hour Bait Shop” frozen vendors.  PA Live Bait Vending is the leading supplier of refrigerated bait vending machines across the US and abroad.  According to Gary Harsel, owner of PA Live Bait Vending, “the Coastal is a perfect compliment to the refrigerated bait vendor product line. The Coastal provides a convenient solution for saltwater fishing since the type of bait used requires a stable frozen environment. The Coastal was designed to appeal to stores like sporting goods shops, marinas, C-stores, gas stations and anywhere frozen bait can be sold.  Stores carrying bait can maximize sales even when closed by taking advantage of outdoor placements and 24-hr accessibility.”

“Everyone at Fastcorp is excited about the partnership”, says Al Roque, Fastcorp Director of Marketing.  “Gary understands the sport fishing segment and has years of experience on both the equipment side and the sport fishing side.  He is committed to growing the business channel and provides a number of unique, very personalized turn-key services not found anywhere else.  This expertise and individualized attention translates into a wonderful customer experience and loyal customer base. Again, this is just another example of how a specific need, visionary thinking, and Fastcorp’s ultra-versatile robotic vending technology can come together to offer creative solutions to a marketplace.”

“In the end, there is no mystery as to why Gary chose our technology for his frozen offering,” states Mr. Roque. “The Evolution model vendors have proven to be simple to operate, reliable, and up to 7 times more energy efficient than comparable vendors saving hundreds per year in energy bills.”  According to Mr Roque, “this track record of performance and versatility has caught the attention of a number of companies within and outside the vending industry, looking to apply Fastcorp’s unique technology to specific applications.  The Coastal bait vendor launch helps round off the single-brew coffee vendor offering slated to roll out early 2011 as one of the many ways Fastcorp is diversifying outside of frozen food and ice cream vending.”

For more information on the Coastal, go to or contact Gary Harsal 888-534-3985.  For more information on Fastcorp & equipment, go to or call Jason Ramage (888) 441-3278 (select “sales”).

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For more information:

Jason Ramage

Sales Manager

Fastcorp LLC

Tele. 203.653.6179

For media contact

Aldrin Roque

Marketing Manager

Fastcorp LLC

Tele. 973.455.0400 x 223

For more information:

Gary Harsel


PA Live Bait Vending
Tele: 888-534-3985

New for 2011: The “COASTAL” Frozen 24 Hour Bait Shop

We are very happy to announce as of January 1, 2011 PA Live Bait Vending has become the exclusive worldwide Distributor for FastCorp’s ” Coastal “24 Hour Frozen Bait Shop. We apologize to our many clients who have been patiently waiting for this machine to become available.  This is the vendor that everyone servicing the saltwater market has been asking for.  It has taken a little bit longer than we anticipated but we wanted this machine to be exactly what our customers requested.

Fastcorp & PA Live Bait Vending press release

The Coastal

09/22/2010-Filming for the History Channel’s Modern Marvels

What a cute boy!

We are excited to announce filming was completed on Wed, Sept 22, 2010 for a segment for the History Channel’s Modern Marvels.  Still shots provided by Kelly Miller Photography.

To view all still shots please go to this link:

Video location production by Chris Berger of The Christopher Group International.

Please check back to to get the date when the segment will air.

History Channel’s Modern Marvels

Our new discussion forum Aug/01/2010

We are happy to announce our new discussion forum. We hope this can be a great place for operators to exchange info and idea. Also it can be a place for the general public to get info and chat with operators. Please keep in mind we are just starting with and are still figuruging things out with the page. It will get better. Sign up and have fun.

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June 18th 2010


Great news for Southern Pennsylvania! Kurtz’s Fish Hatchery in Elverson Pa will be opening Pay to Fish at their hatchery. This will start on the weekend of June 25th, 26th & the 27th. No fishing license required. Take your kids fishing and have them catch fish.  For more info call: 610-286-9250

Kurtz’s pay to Fish click here for more info


Baiting Anglers

Photo by Amy Dragoo

WEST NANTMEAL — Gary Harsel and Matthew Kurtz are moving to new fishing holes — larger ones for each.
Harsel, one-time owner of his own live tackle shop in Birdsboro, has spent the last decade developing and operating a unique vending business.
Called PA Live Bait Vending, Harsel developed a territory for live bait vending machines in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Berks and parts of Lehigh counties.
Last month, he sold that business to Kurtz, who, along with his parents and wife, run the 100-acre Kurtz Fish Hatchery in Elverson started by his grandfather.

The sale gives both the opportunity to pursue new markets within an industry they love.

“This gives me more time for my passion, research and development of these machines,” Harsel said.

“This has been a family passion since I was a little kid,” Kurtz echoed. “With the mom-and-pop bait shops declining, these machines present a great opportunity.”
Kurtz bought 20 machines from Harsel, adding to the four he already operated.
Kurtz had already supplied Harsel with the bait for the machines from the fish farm, which itself is celebrating 50 years in business.
“In essence, I become a customer to the family hatchery,” he noted.

Fueling the optimism for the new arrangement is the improved technology in the machines.

The original machines Harsel stocked could vend six types of bait. Several years ago, he developed the Liberty 24 Hour Bait Shop that can hold 24 varieties that is now sold across the U.S. and is moving toward worldwide distribution.

“We have plans for a second model (called the Atlantic) due out in late spring or early summer for the salt water market,” he said. “I’ve gotten inquiries from Spain, the Czech Republic and two from Australia.”

Locally, the company’s machines are in West Chester, Coatesville, Downingtown, Honey Brook, Pottstown and Boothwyn.
They are located at car washes, archery shops, hardware stores, convenience stores and bait shops.
The one in Boothwyn is in front of a Wal-Mart.
“We need these in our area because the bait and tackle shops are closing up,” Harsel said.
Nationally, the machines can be found as far away as Albuquerque, N.M., and Salt Lake City, Utah.
“I’m into sales,” Harsel said. “When you make your money on a product you know is reliable, it’s a pleasure.”
The improved reliability was a big reason Kurtz was comfortable expanding his presence in the live bait vending arena.
“They’ve come a long way,” he said. “There’s no kicking the machines. You can see exactly what you’re buying.
”The machines keep the bait at a constant 45-degree temperature, optimum for the wide variety of baits involved, Kurtz said. During heavy fishing season, the machines are stocked every week. During the slower months, they are serviced once every two weeks or so Harsel, and now Kurtz, pay the owners of the businesses where the machines are located to have them there and/or a commission for the product sold.“They need to be in a high-traffic area or it doesn’t work,” Harsel said.
They further benefit retailers by attracting anglers to their stores for coffee, drinks and food, the machine operators said.Kurtz said a second market seems to be opening up for the machines: pet food vending.
Residents appear to be buying the bait for their lizards, geckos and turtles.
“I’ve been amazed at how busy they’ve been during this time — and apparently that’s what’s been going on,” Kurtz said.

Welcome Burr Oak Outfitters

Pa Live Bait Vending would like to welcome Maggi Gifford of Burr Oak Outfiffers of Glouster Ohio. Burr Oak Outfitters is located on scenic State Route 78, which is known as “The Rim of the World” for its breathtaking views. Camping, fishing, boating and hiking are just minutes away at Burr Oak State Park. If you are ever in the area please stop by and pay them a visit. They are one of the many new operators of our Liberty 24 Hour Bait Shop,getting started this spring. We wish her the best and we will give her all the support she needs in operating her new machine. You can visit them at